Nature Path: On Vänö there are two signposted hiking trails of different lengths. Along the 2.5 km long trail to the northern beach there are signs with information about the island's nature and history. Here you can see traces of the Ice Age, moving boulders, prehistoric beaches and smooth rock surfaces. The path to the chapel passes flocks of sheep and the chapel is surrounded by a heather moor that extends all the way down to the sandy beach. The top of the chapel's slope is a favorite spot for birds, so be careful. In this area you can see the Salpausselkä III ridge rising to the surface from the seabed. If you want to support the organization, you can pay any amount on Mobilepay to Vänö Vänner, Mobile pay number: 73820.

Sandstranden: Located on the eastern side of the island, just over a kilometer from the harbor. Sandstranden has an outdoor toilet run by Vänö Vänner. Remember to follow the principle of litter-free camping throughout the island!

Guided tours: the life and stories of the island, available on 0400-744076.

Culture house: The culture house is the hub of Vänö's diverse activities. The association Vänö Vänner organizes exhibitions, parties, music events, etc. The venue is also suitable for weddings and other family events. Or even for yoga or dance classes. Want to rent a space? Call: +358 400744076

Chapel: Vänö Seamen's Chapel is located on the eastern side of the island. Already in the 17th century there was a chapel on this site, which according to a story was donated to the island by the Danish captain Klas. The current chapel was built in 1975. Services are held in the chapel in the summer. It is also possible to book the chapel for weddings.

Nature retreat: A year-round retreat in the wilderness, where you can retreat to your own peace and quiet and recover. Especially outside the summer season, you can stay at affordable prices. If you would like to organize a guided retreat for your group, please contact us to arrange use of the facilities. It is convenient to get to the harbor with m/s Stella from Kasnäs all year round.

Frisbee golf: the course on Vänö is neither long nor demanding. You can borrow a frisbee from Vänö Vänner. Please return the frisbees. Here you can see the map of the course:

Geocash: the treasure hunt of the day. There is a Geocash trail on Vänö. The first coordinate of the trail is N 59°52,243' E022°11,692'.

Summer events: Vänö Day is traditionally held on the first Saturday in July. There is a market atmosphere in the harbor and there is also a competition for children. In the evening there is also dancing and live music in the Culture House. Two weeks later is Wooden Boat Day. There will be a picnic trip to an island in the Vänö archipelago in wooden boats. Try to make room for those who do not have their own wooden boat. In the evening there is dancing at the Culture house.