Cafe´and shop "Strandhugget": Open from midsummer to mid-August. Homemade pastries, sweet and savory. Group meals on request. A-rights. Catering. For further information call:+358 (0) 407016743

Port: (Water tap, electricity, Keep the archipelago clean waste sorting station and outdoor toilets). 

Culturehouse: Can be booked for parties, meetings, courses, etc. There is also a ping pong table, looms and board games.

Chapel: Vänö Chapel can be booked for weddings and other religious ceremonies, tel. 040-5509312 (Petra Gripenberg).

Sauna and hot tub: Private lake sauna located in Västerby about 1 km from the harbor. The sauna can be booked on +358 (0) 400522275, even outside the summer season when we are at home.

Wool yarn: Yarn from the Vänö sheep can be purchased online or in the Kasnäs handicraft shop (open daily during the summer from 10-18).